Wheelchair Wheel Turning Stand for 1/2" & 5/8" Wheelchair Axles

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We always wanted a turning stand made for wheelchair wheels.  So we made one.  This stand is designed to be portable enough for traveling sports teams and but also at home permanently mounted on a workbench.  This truing stand features both 1/2" and 5/8" axle receivers to make it very easy to use, with no adapters.  Remove your wheel from your wheelchair, put it in the stand and you can be turning in minutes without having to use adapters to fit a bike turning stand.


  1. 1/2" x 2"quick release axle receiver to fit most everyday wheelchair axles
  2. 5/8" x 2" quick release axle receiver to fit both Melrose and Vesco (with spacers) axles
  3. Small and light to be easy to travel with
  4. All metal base for easy clamping
  5. 4 holes in the base for permanently mounting to a workbench, for example.
  6. Powder-coated aluminum lasts a long time

Note:  Axles, spoke tools, and wheels sold separately.