Photo by Mario Ortiz

Photo by Mario Ortiz

Photo by Mario Ortiz

Photo by Mario Ortiz

Who is Wholesale Wheelchair Parts For

Wholesale Wheelchair Parts is for anyone who builds and repairs wheelchairs professional or semi professionally. This includes:

1. Independent Wheelchair Builders

2. DMEs

3. Parts Reseller

4. Wheelchair Technicians

5. Sports Team Equipment Managers

About Us

We are an independent wheelchair and wheelchair tool marker. We started Wholesale Wheelchair Parts for a couple of reasons.

1. It is hard to find quality parts in low quantities

2. It is hard to find knowledgeable wheelchair people

3. We were already selling wholesale and wanted to create tools specifically for our wholesale clients

4. We wanted it to be super easy to buy great parts at a great price.

Site Features

1. You know what your price is up front when you login

2. For small orders you will know what your shipping costs are up front

3. Quick order table. Order multiple items from one page

4. For orders that have some items not in stock, choose to ship once or as items arrive.