Laser Services

We can laser your logo or message on any flat anodized aluminum surface or some powder coated surfaces up to 5" x 5".  You would use this service to mark your logo on quick release axles.  

Please contact us for a quote and time frame.  

Items we have laser marked:

  1. Quick Release Axle Buttons
  2. Powder coated forks
  3. Anodized Forks
  4. Anodized Brake mounts
  5. Anodized Caster Wheels

Important Notes:

  1. We generally only laser items we sell.  If we mark your items, expect loss due to misfires and testing.
  2. Not everything that is powder coated can be laser or have a high quality mark made. We will have to do samples for your approval which will add time.
  3. For our own product line we have decided not to laser mark powder coated items due to inconsistencies in the quality of the mark between batches of powder coated parts.  We believe this is due to inconsistencies in the powder itself.