Wheelchair Bearing Removal and Installation Stand

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Our wheelchair bearing removal stand is designed to help wheelchair users and technicians remove bearings from the front caster, rear wheel and fork assemblies of wheelchairs easily.  This stand can be used in the kitchen or on the workbench. It is made of hard maple and will withstand a lifetime of use. The top has a non-marring rubber surface as not to damage precision aluminum wheelchair parts.  This stand features a figure 8 through-hole designed to accommodate wheelchair bearings as small as 608 (8mm ID) in the front caster all the way up to R8 (½” ID) found on the rear wheels of most wheelchairs in the US and all sizes in-between.


  1. Hard Maple construction for a lifetime of use
  2. Non-marring rubber top to protect precision aluminum wheelchair parts
  3. Works with all bearings found on everyday manual wheelchairs
  4. Can be clamped to any surface for more stability.



Some assembly required.  All you will need is a Philips screwdriver and will have to screw 4 screws into place