TC MAX Stainless Steel Handrim (Pair)

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TC MAX is the ergonomic version of our revolutionary TC Stainless Steel Handrims, the handrims that stay looking great forever. A wider surface area and oval shape ease tension in the hands and wrists. As with the original TC’s, an embossed texture enhances grip and offers tactile feedback without causing friction.

More info:

The unique oval shape of the TC MAX handrims is developed to reduce gripping effort and increase pushing efficiency, while also eliminating the need to push directly on the tires.

TC Benefits:

  • Signature embossed texture looks sleek and hides scratches.
  • “Tactical Control” improves grip without the friction.
  • Non-burning on down slopes.
  • Cool to the touch in hot sun.
  • Easy-to-clean surface.
  • Non-sticky.

For our original version, check out the TC Stainless Steel Handrim.

Look Unique clean appearance
Wear Stays looking great
Feel Non-sticky, cool even in hot sun, non-burning on down slope/low friction
Grip Embossed texture
Hygiene Easy clean surface
Grip marking Does not transfer to skin
Quality Spinergy design + testing (2 years field test)