R10/99502H or 5/8" ID Wheelchair Bearings Removal and Installation Tool Kit

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This kit includes R10/99502H or 5/8" ID Blind Bearing Puller/Extractor, Pin Punch, and R10/99502H or 5/8" ID  bearing press which allows you to remove and replaceR10/99502H or 5/8" ID bearings found in many sport wheelchair rear wheels. For example rugby wheelchairs.

Product Information

  • Easy to Use
  • Cost Effective
  • Right Tool for the Job
  • Less Risk of Damage
  • Specialized Design


Used with the following wheelchair products:

  1. Spinergy SLX R-10
  2. Spinergy SLX R-10 X-Laced
  3. Numerous wheelchair wheels that use an R10/99502H or 5/8" ID bearing


If you want your wheelchair to move faster, go farther and smoother, then you have to maintain your wheelchair’s bearings.  Your wheelchair has bearings in three places: front caster, front fork, and rear wheels.  Most wheelchair manufacturers say you need to re-grease or change your front caster bearings yearly, and the forks and rear bearings as needed.  With the right tools, this is easy to do.  This kit includes 6001 or 12mm Blind Bearing Puller/Extractor, Pin Punch, and 6001 or 12mm bearing press which allows you to remove and replace 6001 or 12mm bearings found in your wheelchair's rear wheel hub, and for some wheelchairs, also in the front fork.



  1. Easy to use - this tool is designed specifically to remove bearings from wheelchair rear hubs or front forks
  2. Cost-effective - you don’t have to buy an entire set of tools just for one or two sizes
  3. The right tool for the job - most bearing tools are designed for bicycles or cars, not wheelchairs, so you have to make them work, which can damage your gear
  4. Less risk of damage - specialized tool reduces the risk of damaging your hub or front fork as compared to using a flat head screwdriver
  5. Specialized design - designed to accommodate recessed hub for rear wheelchair wheels


Problems this product solves:

Problem 1:  Automotive bearing pullers pull from the lip of the inside ring of the bearing, but a wheelchair hub axle sleeve can prevent the puller from grabbing the ring

Problem 2:  Bicycle bearing pullers are very expensive and do not come in imperial sizes.  Most US wheelchair rear wheels are 1/2” and some front forks are 1/2”

Problem 3: Some wheelchair forks have recessed bearings.  Most bearing pullers are not long enough to use a wrench. 


  1. Improper removal or installation of bearings can permanently damage casters, rear wheel hubs or caster stems.  P