Fork Wheelchair Bearings 6902 ABEC-5 28x15x8mm Serviceable (4-Pack)

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We created a high-quality bearing line designed for wheelchairs.  We wanted to create the smoothest ride for the longest time between service.  To do that we focused on the causes of wheelchair bearing breakdown.  Water is a wheelchair’s worst enemy, outside narrow-minded people.  Our bearings have been designed to mitigate water at every turn.  First, we use rubber seals instead of metal.  Metal seals have to have big gaps to keep them from creating metal on metal friction. Second, our rubber seals have 2 lips instead of one which is better at keeping water out.  Third, we use very high-quality standards and materials, ABEC-5 to be precise.  Fourth, we use high performance, water-resistant grease, Multemp SRL.  The grease is designed to be very stable and smooth in a very wide temperature band and has a number of water-resistant additives.

The bearings are designed to handle harsh environments and keep on working.  Each of our Bearing Kits comes with 4x high-quality bearings, 2x cotton swabs for cleaning and removing any old grease, 2x acetone wipes to clean hubs before re-greasing them, 1x high-quality grease packet to add an anti-seize bearer between the bearing and the hub, and a step by step instruction booklet to make sure you are on track.  More zoom less squeak.

Compatible with RGK Fork Bearings that use a 6902 bearing.


  1. Improper removal or installation of bearings can permanently damage casters, rear-wheel hubs, or caster stems.  Please use caution when using brute force.
  2. Make sure you know the size and types of bearings in your wheelchair and buy the right sizes.