Fork Wheelchair Bearings 6001 ABEC-5 28x12x8mm Serviceable (4-Pack)

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Manufacturers suggest you service your wheelchair at least once a year. Your wheelchair, if not properly maintained will cause long-term damage to your body. Putting new bearings in your wheelchair and properly maintaining them is something you can do at home and will greatly reduce wear and tear on your body and allow you to go faster and roll farther.  We have developed a set of tools, found great bearings and show you how to do it.  More zoom less squeak.

We use high-quality bearings made for the professional cycling industry. The bearings are designed to handle harsh environments and keep on working.  Each of our Bearing Kits comes with 4x high-quality bearings, 2x cotton swabs for cleaning and remove any old grease, 2x acetone wipes to clean hubs before re-greasing them, 1x high quality grease packet to add a bearer between the bearing and the hub and a step by step instruction booklet to make sure you are on track. 



  1. Double lipped rubber seals keep stuff out and grease in longer
  2. High-quality bearings make for a smoother ride
  3. High-quality synthetic grease adds to a longer life and smoother ride 


    Problems this product solves:

    Problem 1: Most wheelchair bearings not designed for performance usage

    Problem 2:  Most wheelchair bearings not designed to high smoothness over the longest period of time

    Problem 3:  Most wheelchair bearings are not designed to be serviced

    Problem 4: Most wheelchair bearings do not user the highest grade materials


    Used on the following wheelchair products: 

    1. TiLite Shadow rear wheels
    2. Spinergy SPOX rear wheels
    3. Spinergy LX rear wheels
    4. Spinergy Carbon Blade rear wheels
    5. X-Core Mag rear wheels
    6. Any rear wheelchair wheel with a 1/2” axle (This includes most US manual wheelchairs)

                    What you need before you get started: 

                    1. Paper towel or clean rag
                    2. Hammer
                    3. Swear jar
                    4. 2x adjustable wrenches
                    5. 8mm blind bearing puller tool
                    6. Bearing installation tool/ bearing press
                    7. Pin punch
                    8. Bearings
                    9. Clean work surface



                    1. Improper removal or installation of bearings can permanently damage casters, rear wheel hubs or caster stems.  Please use caution when using brute force.
                    2. Make sure you know the size and types of bearings on your wheelchair and buy the right sizes.
                    3. If you have questions or if we can help please contact us.