All Aluminum Anodized Wheelchair Scissor Brakes (Pair)

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Scissor brakes are great but they break easily, until now.  These are Eagle Wheelchair Scissor Brakes are made of all aluminum.  They are more durable and only weigh 236g (8.3oz), which is 16g (less than 0.6 Oz) heavier than plastic scissor brakes and use the same mounting clamp.  They come in three colors, anodized Black, anodized Red, and anodized Blue.  These brakes are sold in pairs.  Mounting clamps are sold separately. 

If you ever wanted a scissor brake but was worried about having to keep buying replacements, these are the Wheelchair Scissor Brakes for you.


  • Light Weight, 236g (8.3 Oz)
  • The all-metal design makes them more durable. 
  • Easy lock and unlock by efficient lever design.
  • Better grip by multi-tooth design.


Weight: 236g (8.3 Oz)
Colors: Black, Red, Blue
Sold in Pairs
Mounting Clamp size: Any mounting clamp made to clamp a 3/4” brake.
Mounting Clamps sold separately.


Used on the following wheelchairs: 

Any wheelchair that can use scissor brakes.


Manufacturers Part Numbers:

Replacement for TiLite Scissor Brakes Parts numbers AS111502-Z  and AS111503-Z

If you have questions about the use of scissor brakes please ask us.