Double Wheelchair Sport 10” M2 Ratchet Strap High Release Ratcheting Buckle with Double Ladder Kit

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This style of ratcheting strap is used in all sorts of wheelchair sports from wheelchair tennis, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, and any wheelchair sport or activity where you want to be strap to your ride.  

Buy this kit to replace an existing strap or for your waist.

High Release Ratcheting Buckle

This new kit version includes a high release on the buckle to make loosening the straps much easier.

Description from Manufacturer:

One Ratcheting Padded Straps with Thermo Plastic High Release buckle and a single ladder strap.

All hardware is concealed. The strap can be tightened or relaxed on the fly. Comfort, Security, & Performance. Feel the difference!


Strap Length:  10”
Buckle: High Release
Ladder Length: 11”
Does not include mounting fasteners